Saying NO is actually good for your business!

You know what sucks, getting pushed into something we don't want to do, but as photographers sometimes we find it very hard to say NO. What if we don't get any other client? What if by saying no we are closing some doors? What if by saying no we upset someone??? 

But I have some news for you: Saying NO is actually healthy for your business! 

Before we start to say NO, we need to be very clear on the vision we have for our business. Boundaries must be set in place, so we know exactly where our limits are and what we're comfortable with doing. Remember people that stand for nothing, fall for everything, and you don't want that for your business. 

In business, we need room for great things to manifest, and filling our calendars with things we don't care for is not going to leave any room for greatness. 

Saying no to what you don't care for, is going to make room for the things that make you want to say hell yes! to. 

Once you are sure what the style your brand is all about, and your are comfortable with your pricing, saying NO becomes really easy. 

When your why is crystal clear, rejecting the things that are not making your brand expand, or adding financial benefits to your life are no longer a problem.

But if you ever get stuck in a situation when possible clients are demanding an immediate answer or commitment from you, instead of saying yes and then regretting it, you should say: "I'll get back to you on that"

"I'll get back to you on that" is the most graceful way to get out of an awkward business chat, and possibly saying yes to something you have zero interest in. It gives you some time to think about it, or to craft a pretty email where you are declining the offer.