How To Host Virtual Reveals To Showcase Your Client's Wedding Photos

Have you ever sent a gallery to a client and immediately started wondering if they saw their email, or if they like the photos??

Perhaps you see that they register to see the gallery, yet they haven't contacted you??? 


You start to question yourself.  You call your friends to get some emotional support. You check your email and phone 10 times per minute to see if your client has finally contacted you...

What's even worse, what if you send that email at the wrong time and your client it's not in the right headspace to take a look at your work. You know this alone can ruin the whole experience, right?

So, let's stop this madness and instead host virtual reveals! 

I LOVE virtual reveals because I can control the situation. I can manage the mood and provide a great experience for my clients! 

In this tutorial, I walk you step by step in how I have been hosting successful virtual meetings for my wedding clients! 

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